A career as a diesel mechanic or technician is an area that has been growing at a rapid rate, which is why at Texas Diesel Company, we dedicate these blogs for discussing the current developments and trends within the diesel repair and maintenance industry. We also cover some of the most common issues that we see arise with diesel engines that come into our truck repair and maintenance shop. If you are an experienced diesel mechanic in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, please reach out to us as we are actively hiring more technicians to join our growing team!

  1. Diesel Engines’ 10 Most Common Repairs

    If you don’t already own one, right now is a great time to find a diesel truck for sale. With diesel prices dropping across the nation, it makes it a more economical choice, and the extra power and excitement they offer isn’t necessarily a downside either. It’s important to note, however, that…Read More

  2. 10 Diesel Maintenance Tips For Best Performance

    When it comes to owning a diesel truck, there are some items to keep in mind when you go about your daily driving and routine maintenance. After all, as we discussed in our previous blog, there are certain key factors that differentiate diesel trucks from your standard gas trucks — one of them bei…Read More