Spring is approaching fast, and just like your house may be in need of some spring cleaning, now is also the time to address any issues that may have occurred during the harsh winter months with your diesel truck.

The cold weather takes its toll on all vehicles, but especially our diesels, and skipping out on regular maintenance can cause a chain reaction of unwanted problems. At Texas Diesel Company (TxDC), our mechanics at our diesel shop in Dallas can get your truck running like new with the proper preventative maintenance. So schedule your diesel’s spring tune-up with us today!

The following are a few tips to get the best performance out of your diesel as the seasons change:

Common Diesel Items To Inspect After Winter

Oil Levels

As you likely know, the general rule of thumb is that the oil in your vehicle should be changed about every 5,000 miles or every three or four months — in other words, every time the season changes. If your last oil change was at the beginning of winter, you’re due for another.

Speaking of oil, you should also have your engine air filter inspected whenever the oil is changed. If there are any leaks, fluid build-ups, rips and tears, or other defects detected, it’s time to have the filter replaced.

Tire Health

Changes in temperature can be rough on your diesel tires, causing the material to contract and expand, which can lead to cracking, weakness, and tire pressure issues with under-inflation. Remember, tires can leak air even if they haven’t been punctured, so don’t assume you’re in the clear until you’ve checked their pressure. Every vehicle has different specifications for tire pressure, so it’s critical to consult the manual supplied by your vehicle manufacturer.

Windshield and Wiper Blades

Do your wiper blades move fluidly, or do they seem to jerk or stutter? If they aren’t moving smoothly, an accumulation of oil, wax, grease, dirt, or other substances might be to blame.

Do your wiper blades clean your windshield effectively, or do they leave smears behind? Smeary, streaky windshields can indicate worn-down wiper blades, blades that are the wrong size, or the need to replace your wiper fluid.

Do beads of water stick to your windshield, no matter what you do? They might be clinging to dirt and grime on your windshield, which means it may be time for a treatment.

Cooling System

The last thing you want to have happen on a hot day is having an issue with your truck’s cooling system. Our diesel mechanics will run pressure tests on your cooling system and check all hoses for cracks/leaks. Don’t forget to check your coolant levels and the coolant itself to make sure it contains the proper mix. If your coolant seems to be up to par, the culprit behind a faulty system could also be a clogged condenser.

Brake Levels

It’s easy to forget about routine maintenance on your brake system, but it’s definitely not one you can afford to neglect. Between the brake pads, valves, cables, calipers, and more, there are a variety of components that could experience wear and need replacement after the winter months. Being able to stop properly with fully functioning brakes is not only safer for your warm-weather adventures, but it can also greatly help with fuel consumption in the long run.

Remember Steady Speeds

Most diesel owners already know, but driving your diesel truck at a steady, consistent speed will keep your engine in optimum condition and save money on fuel. With warm weather approaching, you likely have a few trips planned with your diesel truck. Keeping steady speeds on your highway cruising can make your diesel last for many more trips to come.

Spring Tune-Ups Save You Fuel

A poorly maintained diesel engine can use up to 50 percent more fuel than a properly tuned engine. Keep that in mind when choosing how often to bring your truck into a diesel shop for a tune-up. The more often you visit your local diesel mechanic for routine diesel maintenance procedures, the longer your truck will last and the more likely you will be to get better gas mileage.

Whatever plans you may have for this spring or summer, we encourage you to let our experts in our Dallas diesel shop help you keep your truck in the best condition possible. Investing in routine maintenance will save you thousands of dollars in unwanted setbacks. Stop by TxDC today or schedule an appointment online. If you have questions about spring tune-ups not answered in this blog, be sure to check out our previous post on diesel maintenance tips for better performance year-round, or just reach out to us! We’d love to answer any of your questions or address your concerns!