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6.0L - Failed Oil Cooler

It’s a fact that a diesel engine functions very differently from a standard gas-powered vehicle. Diesel engines require specific tools, and technicians require specific training in order to correctly service these engines to provide years of reliable performance. View the main services we offer, give us a call, or request an estimate online to get started!

Bad Oil cooler. This is probably the most common cause for blown head gaskets in the 6.0 engine. The best way to describe a 6.0 oil cooler is thinking about it like a sandwich with only bread and meat stacked on top of each other multiple times. Think about the bread being hollow and allowing the oil to pass through it from one side to the other and the meat, also hollow, being the engine coolant. The engine coolant is cooler than the oil allowing it to cool the oil down during this process. Unfortunately like the walls of the EGR cooler, this metal is thin and begins to break down over time. When this happens, oil begins to push its way into the cooling system and starts to create a milkshake like liquid mixed of oil and water. The reason the oil is pushed into the coolant system is because the oil is running at a higher pressure than the coolant system. Although you might be able to run your truck like this for a little while, the coolant will become too thick to run through the radiator, water pump and engine. At this point the liquid isn’t able to do any cooling and your engine will overheat.

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