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  • What do you guys charge per labor hour?
    Currently, we charge $189/hr for repair work on diesel vehicles.
  • Does Texas Diesel Company perform engine diagnosis for free?
    Yes, we provide a 15-minute basic diagnosis for free! Keep in mind that this free diagnosis does not include us removing any parts from your vehicle for further diagnosis. This service is limited to a visual check over as well as a quick look at your vehicles computer to determine where we need to start with diagnosis.
  • Do you guys work on big rig trucks?
    Unfortunately we do not, we usually draw the line at F-550/5500 vehicles. However, if you have something that you would like for us to work on please feel free to call us! We recommend using Big Daddy’s in Van Alstyne for semi and large trucks, their number is (903) 482-5600. They also provide 24 hour on the road service as well.
  • Will you send me an estimate before performing any work on my vehicle?
    Yes, this is, and always will be, company policy. No work is performed, without prior consent and a signature on file.
  • Does TxDC install & sell wheels and tires?
    Yes we do! We also stay competitive with online pricing, and in most cases we have a local vendor with your configuration in stock, available for next day delivery.
  • Does TxDC install & sell lift kits?
    Yes, if you can find it online, we can get it! We have dealer accounts set up with all the major manufacturers on lift kits. We also offer a 500 mile re- torque free of charge!
  • Does TxDC work on side-by-sides?
    Yes we do! We offer lift kits, wheels & tires, radio roofs, lights and most other production accessories on the market for Polaris Ranger, RZR & General as well as Can-am, Honda, & Kawasaki.
  • Do we offer oil changes?
    Yes we do! No need to schedule an appointment as we have a technician dedicated to this position.
  • Does TxDC perform suspension and steering work?
    Yes we do, we are a full service repair facility. From oil changes to complete engine & transmission replacement we can handle all of your needs.
  • Do you work on skid steers or small tractors?
    Yes we do!
  • What brand of parts will you be installing in my truck?
    In most cases we prefer to go back with the OEM equipment (Ford, Dodge, Chevy, etc.). Many of these components carry a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty as well. Although we aren’t able to get OEM parts for every repair, you have the option to choose aftermarket or OEM. Be sure to discuss this with your service writer at the time your vehicle is dropped off.
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