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6.0L - Failed EGR Cooler

It’s a fact that a diesel engine functions very differently from a standard gas-powered vehicle. Diesel engines require specific tools, and technicians require specific training in order to correctly service these engines to provide years of reliable performance. View the main services we offer, give us a call, or request an estimate online to get started!

Failing EGR coolers play a big role in blown head gaskets on the 6.0. The best way to describe a 6.0 EGR cooler is this. Think about a bunch of metal straws running inside of a long rectangular (or circular) tube. These “straws” carry exhaust gasses from the passenger side up pipe up to the intake while coolant runs around them in the tube (on the outside of the straws) to cool the air down. Over time the straws metal becomes weak and start to crack. When this happens, small amounts of coolant being to leak into the straws and evaporates the coolant as its traveling to the intake. Over time the truck begins to run low on coolant and overheats, causing the blown head gasket. This is no different of a scenario than a Honda civic running without coolant. The system is designed to have enough coolant to cool the engine down after running though the radiator. If the system is intended to have 5 gallons of coolant and only has 2, the coolant doesn’t have enough time to run through the radiator and cool down before entering the engine thus causing it to over heat.

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