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Lift Kits

Texas Diesel Company installs Lift Kits & leveling kits on trucks, jeeps, & side by sides! Although diesel is in our name, that doesn’t stop us from working on your gas truck or side by side. We offer many different brands of lift kits and leveling kits at competitive pricing.

In most cases, we can match or beat the advertised online price you’re seeing. The best part about purchasing your next lift kit or leveling kit from us is that we back the manufacturer’s warranty!

Please feel free to call one of our service writers today to see how much we can save you on your setup! We also offer all major brands of wheels and tires and price match on these items too!

Side by Sides

Looking to lift your side by side (SxS or SSV)? We offer lift kits for Polaris, Can-am, Honda, Kawasaki and more! Call us at (903) 292-0400 or email to get a quote in 24 hours or less!

How much does a lift kit cost to install?

In our shop, on average, it cost around 800$ to 1,300$ to install a lift kit.

Lift kits come in all different configurations. In most cases, it should call for somewhere between 6-12 hours to install. Most manufacturers of lift kits give some sort of hourly estimate, but these estimates are not always exact. For example, a 6” lift kit from Rough County for an F-250 is roughly 8 hours of install time, vs a 6” lift kit from Kelderman calls for 38 hours. Keep in mind that there are additional charges to move TPMS over, add additional suspension components, alignment, & to install wheels & tires.

How much does it cost to install a leveling kit?

In most cases it cost around 200-300$ to have a leveling kit installed + cost of alignment. The average time to install a leveling kit is 2-3 hours. Depending on the application that can be higher or lower especially if your leveling kit has components to install in the rear of the truck.

Which lift kit brand should I choose?

The main question you have to ask yourself is “what will I be using this lift kit for?” If you’re like most of us who typically use your vehicle to drive on-road then you’re really open to purchasing any major brand of lift kit (Rough Country, ProComp, Rancho, BDS, Cognitio, Carli Suspension, ETC.). At the end of the day almost all lift kits do the same thing, the big difference here is the quality of kit. Some kits are made entirely over-seas, others are made here in the US. If you’re looking to save a few dollars then we recommend going with a brand like Rough Country, ProComp, or Rancho. These kits will hold up fine in the elements, have a nice ride, & won’t break the bank! If you’re looking to spend a little more for peace of mind, we recommend going to BDS, Cognito, Kelderman, or Carli Suspension lift kits. These lift kits are typically stronger & more robust and offer additional options to upgrade.

Keep in mind that any brand of lift kit we sell is safe & reliable, so long as it is used in the manner it’s intended for!

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