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Broken EGR Hot Side Bolts

It’s a fact that a diesel engine functions very differently from a standard gas-powered vehicle. Diesel engines require specific tools, and technicians require specific training in order to correctly service these engines to provide years of reliable performance. View the main services we offer, give us a call, or request an estimate online to get started!

The Problem: You went to remove your EGR cross-over from the passenger side exhaust manifold to the hot side of your EGR cooler. The 2-8mm bolts that secure the cross over to the exhaust manifold have a tendency to break when removing them.

The Best Approach: When removing these bolts, we recommend only using hand tools. The best way to combat these bolts breaking is to work them slowly. Typically, we don’t see the bolts break as you’re breaking them loose. They typically break mid- way through extraction. After you’ve broken them loose, we usually spray them down with some PB blaster (after a few threads are showing). Spray them and let them sit for at least 10 minutes, after they’ve set, tighten them back in and then begin to loosen them. DO NOT apply very much pressure when doing this, when they being to “feel tight”, tighten them down a 1⁄4 turn and re-apply PB blaster and wait 5 minutes. Repeat these steps until the bolts have been extracted. In most cases if you work them slow, they will come out without breaking but it takes patience. We recommend using a 1⁄4 ratchet setup and grabbing near the head of the ratchet when loosening, this will prevent you from applying too much pressure.

What to do if these bolts break: You have a couple of options.

o First Option: Rent or purchase the ProMaxx 6.7L EGR Repair Kit which is specifically designed for this kind of repair. Unfortunately, the purchase cost of this kit is roughly $500 but this is by far the easiest way to drill out, tap and repair your exhaust manifold in the truck. The best part about this option is that the Promaxx kit includes 2 inserts also known as Helicoil or threaded inserts. When using this kit, the technician drills out a much larger than stock hole to put the insert in. This insert is threaded on the outside, which is then fastened to the exhaust manifold in the newly drilled holes. The inside of the insert is tapped with the correct thread for the factory bolts. This kit is beneficial because the transfer of heat between exhaust manifold and the EGR cross over bolts is reduced due to the threaded insert acting as an insulator. We own and use this kit very frequently in the shop! 


o Second Option: Use your tap and die kit that you have laying around and attempt to drill out the old bolts and re- tap them. Make sure upon re-install that you’re using new bolts & a new EGR gasket! You can either do this repair on or off the truck. Removing your exhaust manifold can be very tricky though as you risk breaking the bolts mounting the exhaust manifold to the head and removing the turbo can be a little bit tricky if you’ve never done one before!



o Third Option: Remove and replace your exhaust manifold completely! Don’t forget to order a new set of studs, nuts and a manifold gasket!

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